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Pro-Life Value: to acknowledge that reproductive technology, while sometime promoted as life-giving, often involves the routine destruction of human embryos - the tiniest of human beings. The destruction of human lives, at whatever stage of development, is not a humane and compassionate response to the challenges many in our community face.

Reproductive Technology Submissions

Submission to the Revised draft ‘Ethical Guidelines on the use of Assisted Reproductive Technology in Clinical Practice and Research’ (NHMRC 2004 revised in 2007); and Draft criteria for determining human embryos that are unsuitable for implantation, May 2007

Submission to the Lockhart Legislative Review Committee, October 2006

Submission to the Lockhart Legislative Review Committee, September 2005

Submission to the National Health and Medical Research Council on the review of the NHMRC's Ethical guidelines on assisted reproductive technology (1996) - November 2001

Submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs Inquiry into the Scientific, Ethical and Regulatory Aspects of Human Cloning - November 1999

Reproductive Technology Media Releases

09 March 2005
UN Ban on all forms of human cloning is welcome

13 February 2004
Human embryo cloning should be banned for good

25 October 2002
Research Involving Embryos Bill does not regulate stem cell use

8 October 2002

No proof of concept for cures from embryo stem cells

8 October 2002
Fact Sheet: No proof of concept for cures from embryo stem cells

20 August 2002
Parliament should reject the embryo stem cell bill

27 June 2002
Call to Protect human embryos from destruction

4 April 2002
Call to reject commercial harvesting of human embryos

20 September 2001
"No need to destroy 'surplus' embryos"