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Pro-Life Value: to affirm the value of the lives of all human beings by not deliberately hastening or ending a person's life by action or omission, or undermining them by suggesting that their life may no longer be worth living, by offering appropriate support in dying and accepting death as a natural part of life.

Euthanasia Opinion Pieces

11 January 2006
Legislation victory in fight for life

29 May 2004
Danger in legalising assisted suicide

30 May 2003
Suicide is fatal

Euthanasia Media Releases

11 June 2004
DIY suicide pill risks the lives of troubled people

26 May 2004
Accepting assisted suicide as 'rational' endangers suicidal people

2 March 2004
Democrats euthanasia plan shows lack of compassion

30 May 2003
Killing people softly still means they end up dead

29 May 2003
Nitschke's euthanasia conference promotes suicide

15 April 2003
Nitschke sends suicidal people to the vet

26 November 2002
Nitschke not interested in addressing problems of people at risk of suicide

20 August 2002
Nitschke suicide bag a dangerous stunt to promote suicide

13 August 2001

Nitschke can't deny the danger of his plans

14 February 2001
Hanson comments on 'right to die' ill informed