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The Australian Federation of Right to Life Associations is a national coalition of pro-life groups which acts to address pro-life issues at the national level. The Federation works to affirm and protect human life from human zygote until natural death.

The human zygote begins with the formation of the first cell resulting from the union of the sperm and the ovum or when a cell comes into existence that has a human genome and the capacity to develop similar to that of an embryo.

Our vision
An Australian community which accepts and supports the value of all human lives, particularly at the very beginning and end of life.

Our purpose
To offer a voice for vulnerable human beings, from their earliest stages as human zygote until natural death, to affirm and advance the fundamental value of their lives, and to create a community where those lives can thrive free of abortion, euthanasia or destructive embryo experimentation.

Pro-Life Values:

  • to promote and foster a new community culture where mothers and their unborn children are valued, where the interest of mother and child are not seen as being in conflict, where life-affirming, non-violent solutions to human problems are offered and where abortion is no longer practised.

  • to affirm the value of the lives of all human beings by not deliberately hastening or ending a person's life by action or omission, or undermining them by suggesting that their life may no longer be worth living, by offering appropriate support in dying and accepting death as a natural part of life.

  • to acknowledge that reproductive technology, while sometime promoted as life-giving, often involves the routine destruction of human embryos - the tiniest of human beings. The destruction of human lives, at whatever stage of development, is not a humane and compassionate response to the challenges many in our community face.

PO Box 333 Civic Square ACT
2608 Australia
Ph: +61 2 6253 3100
+61 2 6253 0362
Web: www.righttolife.asn.au