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Pro-Life Value: to promote and foster a new community culture where mothers and their unborn children are valued, where the interest of mother and child are not seen as being in conflict, where life-affirming, non-violent solutions to human problems are offered and where abortion is no longer practised.

Abortion Reports

05 February 2006
What Australians really think about abortion - national opinion poll of 1200 Australians (1.5mb pdf)

Abortion Submissions

18 August 2003
Submission to appeal the National Drugs and Poisons Schedule Committee's preliminary approval for rescheduling Levonorgestrel (Postinor-2) morning-after pill - 18 August 2003

Abortion Opinion Pieces

20 July 2005
Pro-choice and no choice

08 March 2005
When pregnancy is a trigger to violence

27 April 2004
Good family policy gives all children and parents the best possible start

9 October 2003
The dangers of an over-the-counter morning-after drug

Abortion Media Releases

05 February 2006
As RU486 debate hots up ... new poll shows majority oppose 'social' abortion

09 February 2005
Factual information for women considering abortion

01 November 2004
Medicare funding for late abortion needs re-examination

18 March 2004
Tony Abbott right to express concern about abortion

31 December 2003
Pharmacists should be open and honest on morning-after pill

6 November 2003
Partial-birth abortion should be banned in Australia

3 November 2003
Morning-after pill health risks ignored by NSW Government

20 June 2003
Alarm over approval for sales of Postinor-2 morning-after pill without prescription

2 May 2003
Proposals to sell morning-after pill without prescription are dangerous and ill-advised

1 July 2002
'Emergency contraceptive" deceives women

5 June 2002
Concerns over moves to introduce Postinor-2 morning-after pill to Australia

5 June 2002
Fact Sheet: Postinor-2 morning-after pill

16 July 2001
"Violence never an answer to violence"

1 March 2001
Democrat moves to reduce restrictions on RU486 condemned